Can I pray Asr Maghrib and Isha together?

Can I pray Asr and Isha together?

3) Yes, according to vast majority of scholars and Imams, it is perfectly allowed for a traveler to combine Zuhr and `Asr, and Maghrib and `Isha. … The same procedure applies to combining Maghrib and `Isha as well.

Can you pray between Maghrib and Isha?

Salat al-Awwabin – is the “prayer of the Oft-Returning” as specified by Muhammad and is offered between Maghrib prayer and Isha prayer.

Can you pray Asr until Maghrib?

As an Islamic day starts at sunset, the Asr prayer is technically the fifth prayer of the day. … Asr prayer ends at sunset, when Maghrib prayer begins. Shia Muslims are allowed to perform Zuhr and Asr prayers one after another, so they may perform the Asr prayer before the actual period begins.

Can you pray Zuhr at ASR time?

Dhuhr (midday)

The time interval for offering the Zuhr or Dhuhr salah timing starts after the sun passes its zenith and lasts until call for the Asr prayer is given. … Asr prayer cannot be offered before zuhr in the zuhr time.

Can I pray Isha and tahajjud together?

You can pray Tahajud anytime after isha till the end of the night before fajr. Best recommended time is last part of the night.

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What is Zawal time today?

Nov 02, 2021 (27 Rabiul Awwal 1443) – Zawal Time in Lahore Today Zawal time is start time: 11:05 AM & end time: 11:46 AM and sunrise start time: 06:20 AM & end time: 06:35 AM.

Can Maghrib be shortened?

There is no shortening of the Nafl, Maghrib or Fajr Salat.