Can we hold Quran in hand while praying?

Can I read Quran from my phone while praying?

Reading the Quran on PCs, laptops and the internet is also allowed. … On the other hand, a fatwa released last year stressed that when one is performing daily prayers, it is forbidden to hold on to a mobile phone and read out the duaa (supplications) and Quranic verses as it is a distraction.

Why is the Quran kept on a high shelf?

Copies of the Qur’an are sometimes kept wrapped up in a cloth and put on a high shelf in order to keep them safe and to show respect. They put it on a special stand like the one in the picture so that it doesn’t touch the floor as the floor can be a dirty place and sometimes even smelly!

Can I use my phone during Salah?

This does not affect the validity of his prayer. It remains valid, and no harm is done. Consider the alternative: The mobile will still be ringing, and some mobiles are set so that the second and third rings are louder. Some have a musical tone, and some are set with popular music pieces.

Can I use my phone to pray?

Considering the benefits and drawbacks of electronic prayer apps, should we use them? … Yes, in the sense that prayer apps can be a great way to “sanctify” your phone. If it isn’t possible for you to carry around a missal or a prayer book, by all means, use an app.

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Can you hold the Quran while praying Taraweeh?

Muslims who pray Taraweeh – the teaching of Propher Muhammad (peace by upon him) during Ramadan – to finish the Holy Quran, can hold on to the book in their hands and recite while praying, added the department. …