Can you fly the Christian flag above the American flag?

What flags can fly above the American flag?

Raising and Lowering the U.S. Flag

No other flag may be flown above the United States flag. The exception is at the United Nations Headquarters where the UN flag may be placed above flags of all member nations.

Can you hang a Christian flag outside?

Outside the church, the building is considered to be “bearing” the flag, so the American flag should be on the building’s right side, facing out. The Christian flag should be on the building’s left, facing out.

Is there an official Christian flag?

Christian flag, while there is no one official flag of all Christian churches, by common usage a so-called Christian flag has come to be recognized by a number of them. It consists of a white rectangular field with a blue rectangle in the upper corner at the mast side which contains a red Latin cross.

Can you fly another flag with the American flag on the same pole?

Yes, you can fly two flags from the same flagpole. You just need to have two sets of snap hooks, and they can be on the same rope or halyard. The United States flag will always go on top. Typically you leave approximately one foot of space between the United States flag and the flag underneath.

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What is the Protestant flag?

The Protestant flag consists of a “pure-as-possible” white background with a blue canton with a blood-red stylized Christian cross in the center of the canton. This flag was never officially “adopted”, since there is no, well, “earthly” leader of Christians.