Can you pray novena for 9 hours?

Can a novena be longer than 9 days?

A novena is a form of Catholic prayer that you can do over 9 days or 9 hours. If you decide to pray a novena, you’ll recite a specific prayer or series of prayers with an intention in mind.

Which is the powerful novena?

Every year my family participates in the Three Impossible Things Novena. It is the most powerful novena I have ever said, and I know many people who have had prayers answered through appealing to the intercession of the Blessed Mother in this novena.

Do novenas really work?

In short, novenas work, and we should pray them because they are a valuable form of conversation with God and His saints. They flow from faith, and God always attends to the prayers of His faithful. We may or may not get what we want. But as we pray novenas, we are praising, preparing, waiting and trusting.

Are novenas powerful?

Having the right attitude is key to the use of novenas. Because they’re a powerful means of prayer, we can be tempted to abuse their power. When we pray a novena, we must take on Jesus’ attitude in Gethsemane the night before he died.

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