Did Iron Maiden ever open for Judas Priest?

Who opened for Iron Maiden in 1983?

WHERE EAGLES DARE (from the Piece of Mind album, 1983). This song was the opening number on the World Piece Tour 1983. It re-emerged on parts of the Somewhere On Tour 1986-87 and A Real Live Tour 1993, and was a setlist regular on the Eddie Rips Up The World Tour 2005.

Did Iron Maiden ever open for Judas Priest?

Their first supporting tour with Judas Priest took place between the release of the band’s first single, “Running Free“, on 8 February and their debut album on 14 April.

Who opened for Iron Maiden in 1984?

An 18-year-old Iron Maiden fan, Daniel Pitre, fell 100 ft to his death from a catwalk in the press area of the Colisée de Québec during the Quebec City show. The band learned about the death only after the show.

Tour dates.

Date Europe 9 October 1984
City London
Country England
Venue Hammersmith Odeon
Opening Act Waysted

When did Iron Maiden tour Australia?

Iron Maiden are just one of many international acts who’ve been forced to cancel or postpone planned Australian tours due to the pandemic. The band last performed in Australia in 2016 as part of their The Book of Souls World Tour, in support of their 16th studio album of the same name.

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Did Van Halen tour with Judas Priest?

It was like something we’d never ever heard before from a guitar player! “So that was the first time, and then some years later, Priests were special guests to Van Halen here at the Santa Monica Civic, and we had a show together and it was just a thrill because we were all fans of them.