Frequent question: How is Salatul Eid prayed?

How do you pray namaz e Eid ul Fitr?

Put your hands on your chest or navel as the Imam recites the Holy Quran. Place your right hand on top of your left hand. The Imam will recite Surah Al Fatiha and then an additional Surah; it’s the sunnah to recite Surah Al A’la in the first rak’ah. Listen carefully as he speaks and reflect on the words.

How many Allahu Akbar in Eid Salah?

The prayer is similar to the dawn Fajr prayer in that it consists of two units, known as rakats. When it comes to the first rakat, begin by raising your spread hands to your ears and give seven takbeers of Allahu Akbar before reciting Surah Al Fatiha and another surah of your choice.

What is the difference between Eid prayer and Friday prayer?

Like Friday Prayer, Eid Prayer is always offered in congregation. … After the Eid Prayer, the Imam delivers a sermon. Like for the Friday Prayer, the Eid sermon consists of two parts. It should be noted that the sermon for the Friday Prayer precedes the Prayer, while on the occasion of Eid, the sermon follows the Prayer.

Do Shias celebrate Eid ul Fitr?

Sunnis and Shias celebrate Eid on different days almost every year and this year, of course, is no exception. … This was in contrast to the office of the Shiite cleric Ali Sistani, which said it would be subject to moon-sighting with the naked eye.

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Is Salat al Eid mandatory?

Why is Eid Salah prayed? Salat-ul-Eid is considered either a sunnah, wajib (required), or fard kifaya (communal obligation) act of worship depending on the madhab you follow.