Frequent question: Who is the highest church official in the Byzantine Empire?

What is the highest church official in Constantinople?

Eastern Church

and appointed the highest church official, called a patriarch, in Constantinople. ❖ Priest were allowed to marry. ❖ Greek was the language of the Church.

Was the emperor the head of the church in the Byzantine Empire?

Aided by ministers, high-ranking nobility, and key church figures, the emperor (and sometimes empress) was commander-in-chief of the army, head of the Church and government, controlled the state finances, and appointed or dismissed nobles at will.

Who was the head of the Byzantine church quizlet?

The Emperor appointed the church head.

Who was the highest church official in the Byzantine Church in the East?


What was the role of the Byzantine Emperor in church affairs? He controlled church affairs & appointed the Patriarch who was the highest official of the Orthodox Church
What did Byzantine Christians think about the Pope? They rejected his authority

What role did the emperor play in the Eastern Church?

Political Structures Church and state were combined in the Byzantine Empire. The emperor was also the head of the Eastern Church and was viewed as the representative of God on earth. In the 500s the emperor Justinian reformed the laws of the empire by creating a systematic body of law, known as Justinian’s Code.

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