How bad is shadow priest?

Is Shadow Priest any good in Shadowlands?

Shadow Priests have historically been the kings/queens of spread out multi-target cleave. Sadly though, this has been significantly nerfed in Shadowlands. Making us primarily good at pure single target DPS with some value at stacked cleave from the Shadowflame Prism legendary.

Is a shadow priest good?

Shadow Priests are in a great spot PvP-wise due to multiple utility and CC cooldowns available to them, which can help you easily adjust to any composition you’re facing.

How are shadow priests in Shadowlands?

Shadow Priests draw their power from the void and deal damage through the use of damage over time effects (DoTs) such as Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch, and Devouring Plague. Shadow uses a resource called Insanity, which is gained by casting the majority of Shadow’s spells, such as Mind Blast and Mind Flay.

Can Shadow Priest heal Shadowlands?

Shadow Priest

Heals you for 300% of damage dealt. Mind Blast, causing it to be instantly cast, and allowing it to be cast while channeling Mind Flay or Mind Sear within 6 seconds.

What is the best race for shadow priest?

Best PvE Shadow Priests races & faction

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Race % (1+ boss) % (Level 120)
Blood Elf 21.4% 17.9%
Human 13.1% 13.1%
Void Elf 11.5% 4.5%
Undead 10.3% 5.8%

Is Shadow Priest good in mythic+?

Best Mythic+ Covenant for Shadow Priest

While almost any Covenant can produce good results as a Shadow Priest, the Night Fae Covenant is the clear winner in terms of dungeon content.

Is Shadow Priest fun in BFA?

It was SO much fun and I absolutely loved it. Truth to be told, Shadow was overpowered during certain period in Legion, but even after it was fixed, it was still fun because the playstyle introduced something completely new. Arriving in BFA, Shadow was average when it came to numbers, yet still a lot of fun to play.

Is Shadow Priest fun Shadowlands Reddit?

It’s fun and pumping big damage in single target. They are fairly easy to pick up but the difficulty curve shoots up when trying to squeeze the top % out of your character.

Do shadow priests have AOE?

Shadow Priest DPS AOE Rotation

Vampiric Touch: Secondarily blanket all targets with this DoT. Mind Blast: When DoT effects are up and running on every target, prioritize this spell to fill in the gaps.

Can shadow priests use Flash Heal?

Shadow Priest can cast Flash Heal but can NOT cast without cancel Shadowform.

What can priests dispel Shadowlands?

Absolution (new passive) enables priests to use Dispel Magic on up to 2 harmful effects on friendly targets. Absolution (new passive) enables priests to use Dispel Magic on up to 2 harmful effects on friendly targets. Actually, priests will be able to dispel one effect from an enemy with Dispel Magic.

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