How did Native Americans adapt to Christianity?

How did natives react to Christianity?

Those who called themselves Christian often chose a lonely path, for they were frequently harassed and persecuted by their own people and betrayed by their white “brothers.” The dilemma for native Christians was evident in an anecdote attributed to the Fox tribe: Once there was an Indian who became a Christian.

What happened to Native Americans who converted to Christianity?

They took from the indigenous people the tools to survive and cast aside all others. If they converted to Christianity they would be saved and much more, they would be civilized. Thousands of converted Christian Indians still died at the hands of the settlers. Many died while on their knees praying to their new god.

When did Native Americans become Christians?

Beginning in the 1600s, European Christians, both Catholics and those of various Protestant denominations, sought to convert Native American tribes they encountered to Christianity, regardless of the pre-existing beliefs of the tribes.

What happened to Native Americans who did not convert to Christianity?

Native Americans were forced off of their land. Their children were taken away and forced to go to boarding schools set up by the government.

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What do Native Americans believe about Jesus?

As Native Christians, we affirm for the church and ourselves that many elements of our traditions and cultures are consistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the teachings of the church. We affirm that the Holy Spirit is faithful in guiding us in holy living within our cultures and the broader culture.

How did European missionaries feel about the religious practices of the natives?

The Europeans believed in demonstrating the power of the Christian God over other gods to demonstrate His superiority. The Natives also would often force their religion upon those that they conquered, so the thought of switching to Christianity when they were conquered was not crazy.

When did the Cherokee convert to Christianity?

Beginning in about 1818 various denominations began sending in their missionaries to the Cherokee Nation. By the time of the first removal detachment in 1838, Native Christians numbered in the hundreds, perhaps thousands, including many Cherokee preachers and lay workers.