How do you add notes to the Bible?

How do I delete notes from the Bible app?

To delete one of your own comments

  1. Select and hold on your comment.
  2. Select DELETE to delete your comment.

Is it OK to make notes in a Bible?

The Bible has Chapter and Verse notations so you can easily refer to a specific verse or range of verses in your notebook. Definitely recommended if you aren’t sure you want to mark-up your Bible but want to personalize your reading. Many people do this and come back years later to re-read their notes as reflection.

How do you see comments on Youversion?

Viewing Notes

  1. Select your profile picture at the top of the Home Feed.
  2. Select Notes to see a list of all your notes.
  3. Notes are always listed from newest (on top) to oldest (at the bottom) …
  4. In expanded view, the privacy setting of notes is signified by an icon in front of the references(s)
  5. Padlock icon – Private.

Is it a sin to write?

It is a sin to think words no others think and to put them down upon a paper no others are to see. The laws say that men may not write unless the Council of Vocations bid them so. … May we be forgiven!”

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