How do you explain the birth of Jesus to a Child?

What is the meaning of the birth of Jesus?

The birth of Jesus holds particularly special meaning for us in that because Jesus overcame, so can we. He was able to live and endure this world in human form, teach and love others, point them to the Father, then conquered death, hell, and the grave.

How do you explain what a virgin is to kids?

Virginity is the state of not having had sex. A virgin is a person who chooses not to or has not yet had sex. Our culture defines basic sex as vaginal intercourse between a woman and a man. But sex also occurs between other genders when vaginal or anal penetration takes place.

What is the meaning of Jesus?

Most dictionaries will translate Jesus’ name (which was apparently more properly translated to Joshua than “Jesus”) to be “God is salvation.” “God is salvation” is a phrase that ascribes a passive quality to God.

Why is the virgin birth important?

There was no sexual activity between God and Mary. The conception of Jesus was a supernatural, creative work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit implanted life in the womb of Mary. … Others believe that the sin nature is handed down through the father- therefore the virgin conception was necessary.

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What is the significance of Jesus being born in a manger?

Thus the manger becomes a reference to the table of God, to which we are invited so as to receive the bread of God. From the poverty of Jesus’s birth emerges the miracle in which man’s redemption is mysteriously accomplished.

How do you explain virgin to a child in hocus pocus?

2. Hocus Pocus is way more sexual than I remembered. OK, so we know a crucial plot point is that a virgin has to light the Black Flame Candle to bring the Sanderson Sisters back to life. (Pro-tip: if your kid asks what a virgin is, just tell them “An inexperienced, innocent person” because it’s not wrong.)