How do you keep church chairs from moving?

What is chair ganging?

Ganging is the process of connecting chairs together using – most often – metal plates or other hardware on the backside or underneath the furniture piece.

Why are churches replacing pews with chairs?

The benefits of chairs

One of the greatest advantages of using chairs instead of pews is flexibility. Chairs are mobile. You’re free to change the layout of your seating every week if you wish. They’re also easy to store, which allows you to quickly and easily create more space in your church.

How do you keep church chairs from moving?

Spacing Between Church Chairs

Ganging is a term for church chairs that hook together. The term itself refers to small metal hooks that allow chairs to be interlocked. Connecting your chairs in this way will keep them in neat, even rows and prevent them from being pushed out of alignment by your congregation.

How many inches are between rows of chairs?

When placing the chairs in rows, leave 2 inches of space between chairs. Leave ample space between rows of chairs for people to move.

How far apart should rows of chairs be?

The distance between chair rows should be at least 24″, so guests can comfortably walk and sit. The first row should be at least 72″ away from where the couple will be standing.

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