How is Jesus our healer?

Who is our healer?

God is the one who heals. He came to the earth and through Jesus, healed over seventy times throughout the Gospel. Jesus repeatedly said, “Be made whole.” Wholeness is God’s desire for us, and he can give it to us.

How does Jesus heal the man?

Jesus was in Capernaum teaching a large crowd when he was interrupted by four determined men who were bringing their friend to be healed. On this occasion Jesus healed a person because of the faith of others and their actions in cutting a hole in the roof and lowering him down.

What did Jesus teach about healing?

Jesus healed the man from paralysis (physical) and he said to him “Your sins are forgiven” (spiritual healing). Jesus’ entire ministry was directed toward spiritual ends. Its primary objective was to restore human beings to proper relationship with God. Emotional needs of people were also addressed by Jesus.

What does Rapha mean?

The name Rapha is primarily a male name of Hebrew origin that means Comfort, Healing. In the Bible, Rapha was the fifth son of Benjamin.

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