How many sons did the Prophet have?

How many grandchildren did the Prophet Muhammad have?

The Prophet Mohammed had no surviving sons but his daughter Fatima married her paternal second cousin, Ali, producing two grandsons: Hassan and Hussein. Both have a traceable line of male descendants.

Did Prophet Muhammad have a cat?

Muezza: The Cat Who Protected a Prophet

According to Islamic lore, Muhammad granted Muezza the ability to always land on his feet. He also granted the feline seven lives.

What is a female Sahabi called?

130 Female Sahaba Names for Baby Girls

Name Meanings
Afraa Blonde; fair-skinned.
Aisha/Ayesha/Aysha/Aishah Alive, living; one with a good life; prosperous and affluent.There were 8 Sahabas with this name. One of them was Ā’ishah bint Abī Bakr(Mother ofthe Believers), the youngest wife of the Prophet.

What do Shias believe about Fatima?

She is held in highest of esteem, as being the single most ideal example for all women; in terms of her purity and the eventual martyrdom of her son, she is considered to be the Muslim counterpart to the Christian Mary, mother of Jesus; indeed, one of her names is Maryam al-Kubrá, or “the greater Mary”.

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