How many times did George Whitefield come to America to preach the gospel?

How many trips did George Whitefield make to America?


Whitefield made seven trips to America before the Revolution. He was appointed minister of Savannah, in the newly founded colony of Georgia, and in 1739 established an orphanage called Bethesda some ten miles from the city.

Did George Whitefield preach in America?

In one year, Whitefield traveled 5,000 miles through America, preaching more than 350 times as he traversed the nation North to South. An estimated 25,000 people gathered on Boston Common to hear him speak. Another 12,000 heard him in Philadelphia and 8,000 in New York City.

Did George Whitefield preach in Georgia?

Whitefield was designated minister of Savannah by the Georgia Trustees in 1738, and his extempore preaching and praying, as well as his willingness to officiate in dissenter meeting houses, was well received in the colony.

When did George Whitefield first come to America?

One of the most popular preachers in England and America in the 18th century first arrived in Savannah on this day in 1738. George Whitefield was born in 1714 in England, and educated at Oxford, where he met John and Charles Wesley; together they were the first leaders of the Methodist movement.

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How did George Whitefield contribute to the American Revolution?

George Whitefield was a minister from Britain who toured the American colonies. An actor by training, he would shout the word of God, weep with sorrow, and tremble with passion as he delivered his sermons. Colonists flocked by the thousands to hear him speak. He converted slaves and even a few Native Americans.

What did George Whitefield preach about?

Whitefield spoke against established clergy, spreading a message of democratic religion that relied upon commoners to grow and continue. His words were a major part of the First Great Awakening. The First Great Awakening was a religious revival that swept through the American colonies in the 1740s.

What effect did the great awakening have on the American colonies?

The Great Awakening affected the colonies in several ways, including that it led colonists to become more active in their religion, that it encouraged them to develop a more personal connection to religion, and that it contributed to the American Revolution by implying that religious authorities were not all-powerful.

In which American colony did George Whitefield start an orphanage?

Bethesda, or “House of Mercy,” was the name given to the orphanage founded near Savannah by the evangelist George Whitefield in 1740. Its significance rests partly with the close association it had with Whitefield but also on the pioneering role it played in the care of orphan children in Georgia.

Who was Whitefield quizlet?

George Whitefield was a preacher and public figure who led many revival meetings both in England and the American colonies. He became a religious icon who spread a message of personal salvation and a more democratic Christianity.

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