Is Pastor kumuyi a professor?

Where did Pastor Kumuyi come from?

Who is pastor Kumuyi mentor?

Amongst these three prolific preachers, Wesley is said to be his primary mentor, which might explain why Kumuyi is cleanly shaven just like the late preacher who is said to have never kept a beard in his day. Fun Fact – Finney and Spurgeon both had bushy beards.

When did kumuyi start his ministry?

“I said Lord, to face and address the challenge John Wesley mentioned, give me an 100 men that love none but God and fear nothing but sin and we will turn the world upside down. “So, I took up the challenge and we started the ministry in 1953 August 3rd, we were 15 people. From there we moved on to what we have now.

Who is Uma Ukpai spiritual father?

Reverend Dr Uma Ukpai is one of the highly respected Generals in faith in Nigeria and he is someone I hold in high esteem. That being said, my Spiritual Father remains Late Reverend (Pa) Josiah Akindayomi the Founder and General Superintendent of RCCG.

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