Is the Seven Deadly Sins anime finished?

Is the 7ds anime over?

The adaptation of The Seven Deadly Sins may be near its end, but the anime has one last hurrah before it’s over: a film titled Cursed By Light. Set to be released by Netflix on October 1, the film adapts the final arc of Nakaba Suzuki’s manga of the same name.

Why does SDS season 5 only have 12 episodes?

All 24 episodes of Season 5 have already aired. Unfortunately, these 24 episodes do wrap up the manga source material bringing the series to an end. … That gift being the first 12 episodes of Season 5. The streaming giant made this decision to keep fans from having to wait longer for the entirety of Season 5 to drop.

Is Escanor dead?

At the end of the anime, Escanor is still alive, but in the manga, he dies. In the manga, he uses Sunshine to the height of his ability to defeat the Demon King. In the end, it’s too much for his body to take. Using so much power used all of his life force, and Escanor’s body is turned into ash.

Who killed Meliodas?

Unfortunately, the rest of the 10 commandments arrived and fought Meliodas. When he had been immobilized, Estarossa walked up to him and killed him by stabbing all his hearts.

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