Question: What country singers are Catholic?

What country is 80% Catholic?

Highest Catholic Population 2021

Country % Catholic of Total Population Number of Catholics
Equatorial Guinea 80.70% 1,410,000
Mexico 80.00% 100,000,000
Ireland 78.30% 3,729,000
Cape Verde 77.30% 395,850

Which rock stars are Catholic?

Catholic Rock Artists

  • Rosa de Saron. 40,089 listeners. Banda brasileira do movimento de renovação carismática da igreja católica. …
  • Ceremonya. 832 listeners. CEREMONYA. …
  • Iahweh. 1,770 listeners. …
  • Matt Maher. 69,322 listeners. …
  • Dunga. 3,174 listeners.
  • ViA33. 227 listeners.
  • The Flanders. 1,313 listeners.
  • Século I. 22 listeners.

How much of Italy is Catholic?

According to a 2017 poll by Ipsos (a France-based research centre), 74.4% of Italians are Catholic (including 27.0% engaged and/or observant), 22.6% are irreligious and 3.0% adhere to other denominations in Italy.

How many countries is the Catholic Church in?

The study, which surveyed 232 countries and territories, finds that as of 2010 the Catholic Church had 1.1 billion adherents worldwide.

Is Italy a Catholic country?

Italy is a predominantly Roman Catholic country, with minorities of Muslims (mostly from recent immigration), Sikhs and Jews. Christian Protestants are historically few.

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