Question: What does render means in the Bible?

What does it mean to render to God?

But another, and greater, challenge is to consider what the “render unto God” component means—ultimately, our fealty as followers of Christ is to God, in all faith and love and obedience due Him.

What is the difference between render and surrender?

As verbs the difference between surrender and render

is that surrender is to give up into the power, control, or possession of another; specifically (military ) to yield (land, a town, etc) to an enemy while render is to cause to become.

What is an example of rendering?

The definition of a rendering is a translation, interpretation, or a drawing. An example of a rendering is an artist’s interpretation of a scene. … A perspective drawing depicting an architect’s conception of a finished building, bridge, etc. (masonry) A coat of plaster applied directly to brickwork, etc.

What does rendered mean in the Bible?

4a(1) : to cause to be or become : make enough rainfall … to render irrigation unnecessary— P. E. James rendered him helpless. (2) : impart. b(1) : to reproduce or represent by artistic or verbal means : depict.

What should we render unto God?

What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me? I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord.

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What does rendered mean in court?

Return; yield; pay or perform, as in charges or services. To render judgment means to pronounce, declare, or state the decision of the court in a particular case. To render a verdict means that a jury agrees upon and returns a written decision into court and hands the decision to the judge sitting at the trial.

What is mean by render in PUBG?

PUBG Mobile renders the environment on your screen. … When the graphics settings are set on low, the grass patches that are further away are not rendered. The opponent may think they’re hiding but you’ll be able to spot them as you would not see the grass which is helping them hide.

What is rendering in games?

What Does Rendering Mean? Rendering is the process involved in the generation of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image from a model by means of application programs. Rendering is mostly used in architectural designs, video games, and animated movies, simulators, TV special effects and design visualization.

What is the word rendering mean?

an act or instance of interpretation, rendition, or depiction, as of a dramatic part or a musical composition: her rendering of the part of Hedda. a translation: Chapman’s rendering of Homer. a representation of a building, interior, etc., executed in perspective and usually done for purposes of presentation.

What is a rendering in design?

The term render comes from the graphics world where a rendering is an artist’s drawing of what a new structure would look like. In computer-aided design (CAD), a rendering is a particular view of a 3D model that has been converted into a realistic image.

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