Question: Why is it unusual that Mr Underwood is at church?

What is ironic about Mr Underwood in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Mr. Underwood simply figured it was a sin to kill cripples, be they standing, sitting, or escaping. He likened Tom’s death to the senseless slaughter of songbirds by hunters and children.

What was Mr Underwood doing while this was going on why is it strange that he would do this?

Underwood was watching the entire situation from the window of his office while holding his shotgun. He was looking out for Atticus and was willing to intervene if something happened. … In this chapter, Atticus tries to keep the mob from lynching Tom Robinson, who is at the Maycomb jail.

What do we find out about Mr Underwood at the end of the chapter 15?

Underwood is also know to “despise” black people. At the end of chapter 15, it states that “Mr. Underwood and a double-barreled shotgun were leaning out his window above The Maycomb Tribune office.” Mr.

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Why do you suppose a man like Mr Underwood a confirmed hater of Negroes was covering Atticus at the jail?

Why do you suppose a man like Mr. Underwood (who is a known racist) is covering Atticus at the jail? … Underwood is covering Atticus because he knows that it is the morally correct and lawful thing to do.

What does Mr Underwood represent?

Mr. Underwood represents the theme Moral Courage because he wrote the article about how wrong it was that Tim Johnson was killed even though he could have lost his job.

What do we find out about Mr Underwood in Chapter 16?

Underwood is a strange man—he “despises N****es” (16.5), yet he acted to protect Atticus and Tom Robinson. Scout wants coffee, but Calpurnia will only give her one tablespoon of the evil brew in a cupful of milk. Alexandra tells Atticus not to make comments like the one he just made about Mr.

What did Mr Underwood do during the trial?

When a mob of men approaches the courthouse and demands that Atticus leave (he is sitting outside, protecting Tom Robinson), Mr. Underwood trains a double-barreled shotgun on the mob. Though Atticus doesn’t realize it until the mob has dispersed, Mr. Underwood has him covered during the entire episode.

Why is it unusual that Mr Underwood is at church?

It is unusual that Mr. Underwood is at church because he never attends Sunday service and rarely leaves his office. However, Mr. Underwood has important information to tell Atticus concerning Tom Robinson being moved to the Maycomb jailhouse, which is why he visits him at church.

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What do we learn about Mr Underwood in this chapter?

A fairly insignificant man, he pretty much epitomizes the Average Joe in this small Southern town. A virulent racist and white supremacist, like just about everyone else in Maycomb, he nonetheless realizes that a grotesque miscarriage of justice has taken place with the conviction of Tom Robinson.

Who is Mr Underwood quizlet?

Underwood? The publisher of Maycomb’s newspaper. Mr.

Why does scout break down crying at the end of Chapter 15?

She breaks down and cries about the ugliness that she had just been witnessed to. In all of her innocence, Scout looks at life with the childlike eyes she has.

Who returns Atticus in Chapter 15?

In Chapter 15, who are the men that surround Atticus at the Maycomb jailhouse? Why are they there? Walter Cunningham and the Old Sarum bunch surround Atticus at the Maycomb jailhouse because they wish to lynch Tom Robinson.