Quick Answer: Can you pray with the Quran in your hand?

Can you read Quran app without Wudu?

Reading the Quran from an app does not come under the same ruling as the Mushaf, so one can touch them without having performed ablution. It is also permissible to take the devices containing Quran apps into the washroom because writing Quran on the mobile phone is very different from a Mus-haf.

Can I use my phone to pray?

Considering the benefits and drawbacks of electronic prayer apps, should we use them? … Yes, in the sense that prayer apps can be a great way to “sanctify” your phone. If it isn’t possible for you to carry around a missal or a prayer book, by all means, use an app.

What is a Moshaf?

A mus’haf is a codex or collection of sheets. … When referring to the physical bound volume, some use the term mushaf. The Qur’an refers to itself as kitab, not as mus’haf.

Can you read the Quran in English?

NO. On the contrary, Quran itself states that the main purpose is to understand the message, which has nested meanings. So, reading to understand by thinking deeply on what it reveals is the commandment!

Can you hold Quran during Taraweeh?

This is permissible even if you are the one leading the Tarawih prayer. … Some Hanafi scholars state that it is impermissible to hold the Qur’an while praying, while some Hanafi scholars say that it is permissible but disliked.

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