Was Aaron and Jesus a couple?

Does Jesus have a love interest in The Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead star Ross Marquand has opened up about the “crucial” romance between his character Aaron and Jesus (Tom Payne) during the time jump. Before the latter was controversially killed off in season 9, it had been hinted that a romantic relationship blossomed between the two characters in the six-year jump.

Is the baby Shane’s or Ricks?

Rick’s shocker came in the form of an admission to Michonne that finally clears up any and all confusion as to the identity of Judith’s dad. For the first time, Rick admitted he knew that Judith was, in fact, not his child, but was rather fathered by his former best friend and partner Shane (whom Rick then killed…

How did the zombie eat Lori?

When Rick entered the boiler room, he followed a trail of blood leading him to the bloated walker. There was an insinuation that the walker dragged Lori’s body before indulging in its entirety. There were even strands of Lori’s hair around the walker’s mouth.

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