What church was used in The Preacher’s Wife?

Is the preacher’s wife based on a true story?

The Pastor’s Wife: The Story of a Minister and the Shocking Death That Divided a Family, by author and novelist Diane Fanning, is a true-crime account of Pastor Matthew Winkler, who was found fatally wounded from a shotgun blast to his back in 2006 at his Fourth Street Church of Christ parsonage in Selmer, Tennessee.

Did Whitney Houston sing live in The Preacher’s Wife?

Although the movie’s volatile production schedule was complicated by Houston (she would sing only in the afternoons and evenings), the diva was the least of Marshall’s concerns.

Was Whitney Houston’s mother in The Preacher’s Wife?

Whitney Houston’s mother, famed gospel singer, Cissy Houston, appeared as choir member Mrs. Havergal. Doubling as the exterior of Rev. Biggs’ church, St.

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