What does Calpurnia do to get the kids ready for church?

What happens when Calpurnia takes the children to church?

Finally, when the children go to the church there is a black lady (Lula) that is enraged that Calpurnia brought white children to a black church. Hence, they learn that racism goes both ways. Jem and Scout learn that just as some white citizens show prejudice in Maycomb, so do some black citizens.

Why did Calpurnia take extra care to make sure the kids were ready for church?

Calpurnia is a prideful woman and wants her community members to know that she is a hard worker. Since Jem’s and Scout’s appearances reflect on her ability as a housekeeper, Cal makes sure they are dressed properly and look presentable for their first visit to First Purchase African M.E. Church.

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How do the children feel at Calpurnia’s church what do they learn from the visit?

One of the most important things that the children learn from their visit to Calpurnia’s church is that, despite differences in worship methodology, church was essentially the same as going to “white church.”

Why does Calpurnia bring the children to church What purpose does this scene serve?

Lula wants to know why Calpurnia is “bringin’ these white chilluns’ to a black church?” The purpose of this interaction is to demonstrate how uncomfortable situations can become when people cross out of their comfort zone. By going to the black church Scout and Jem see what it is like to be a minority.

What happens when Calpurnia takes Scout to church?

Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to her church in Chapter Twelve of To Kill a Mockingbird. The night before the service, Calpurnia bathes both Jem and Scout, and she reviews their clothing (a suit for Jem and a dress with petticoats and a pink sash for Scout) and treats the material with starch the morning of.

What happens when Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to her church?

Calpurnia prevails, and when she walks into church with Scout and Jem, people rise to greet them with respect. One woman, however, stops Calpurnia, protesting, ‘You ain’t got no business bringin’ white chillun here–they got their church, we got our’n. … Jem protests, explaining they have their own money.

Why does Calpurnia take the children to her church the First Purchase African ME Church?

Calpurnia tells Scout to ask her father about it. When Atticus is out of town on business, Calpurnia takes Jem and Scout to church with her. When the children attend First Purchase AME church, they learn of the respect that the African-American community has for their father.

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What reason does Calpurnia give for deciding to take Jem and Scout to the African ME Church with her?

What reason does Calpurnia give for deciding to take Jem and Scout to the African M.E. church with her? She didn’t want Jem and Scout misbehaving while she was gone. She made them get clean and dressed up. She didn’t want anyone at her church thinking she wasn’t taking care of “her children.”

Where does Calpurnia take the children b describe the children’s experience there?

While Atticus is away for work in law, Calpurnia is in charge of the children. When Sunday comes, she wants to take them to church. So, she along with Jem and Scout go to Calpurnia’s church. It is a black church, which offers Jem and Scout a new experience.

How does Scout feel at Calpurnia’s church?

Scout describes Calpurnia as a strict, demanding, and unsentimental “tyrannical presence.” At the same time, Scout treats Calpurnia with more genuine respect and obedience than the female members of her own family, such as her Aunt Alexandra.

How does the children’s view of Calpurnia change after their visit to the first purchase?

What do they learn about Calpurnia, and how does it change their views? Calpurnia knows how to read and write unlike most at First Purchase. She taught her son, Zeebo. The children find out that Cal grew up near Finch’s Landing.

What did the children gain from their experience with Calpurnia?

One of the major things that both children learn from Calpurnia is the difference between their world and that of the black citizens of the town. By bringing the children with her, particularly to church, they get to feel some of what her world is like and begin to understand that it is very different.

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