What does it mean to be a reflection of God?

What is a reflection of God?

A true reflection is a perfect likeness of the object it is reflecting. It has neither activity nor intelligence of itself. It is solely a manifestation of its cause. Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, tells us, ”Man is, and forever has been, God’s reflection.

How do we reflect God?

How can we reflect God in our daily walk?

  1. Study The Word DAILY. Ok, so I know this seems so obvious however, it is something that can easily slip through our busy lives if we allow it.
  2. Prayer. I had to learn to pray.
  3. Meditating on Gods Word.
  4. Nurture Your Temple.
  5. Take Account of Your Lifestyle.

What does reflection mean in the Bible?

Reflection: Serious thought or consideration. Contemplation, deliberation, pondering, meditation, musing. … In addition to renewing your commitment to spend meaningful and regular time contemplating Bible passages, here are a few other reflection practice ideas for you to ponder.

Why is it important to reflect on God?

Christians need to regularly step back and reflect on their hearts and motivations to preserve their own health and the health of the community. If they don’t, then their sin can begin to interfere with their relationships with others and their relationship with God.

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What is the example of reflection?

Common examples include the reflection of light, sound and water waves. The law of reflection says that for specular reflection the angle at which the wave is incident on the surface equals the angle at which it is reflected. Mirrors exhibit specular reflection.

How do you reflect God’s glory?

6 Ways You Can Put God’s Glory on Display

  1. Confess sin. When we confess sin, we are putting on display His glory by declaring His righteousness. …
  2. Forgive others. Our God is a forgiving God (Ps 130:3-4; Mic 7:18-19). …
  3. Trust God. …
  4. Produce fruit. …
  5. Give thanks. …
  6. Pray.

What does reflection mean spiritually?

To reflect is to contemplate or ponder with serious thought and consideration. If you think about it, reflection is the foundation of spirituality. When you spend time reflecting you seek —and often find — answers to many of the questions posed throughout the centuries by philosophers, disciples, and theologians.

How do you write a reflection in the Bible?

Catholic Bible Reflections Ideas-keep track of your thoughts, inspirations, and prayers as you read and reflect on scripture

  1. Keep a Bible journal. at home. …
  2. Write notes in your Bible. …
  3. Use reflections sheets. …
  4. Create an audio recording of your thoughts.