What does Lord of lords mean in the Bible?

What does it mean that Jesus is Lord of Lords?

I. What Does It Mean to Say That Jesus Christ is Lord? For Jesus to be Lord of your life means that He is the ruler, the boss, the master of your whole life. He cannot be Lord of a part — He must be given control of the entire life – the whole life.

Is Lord the same as king?

is that lord is (label) the master of the servants of a household; (label) the master of a feudal manor while king is a male monarch; a man who heads a monarchy if it’s an absolute monarchy, then he is the supreme ruler of his nation or king can be (chinese musical instrument).

Whats the definition of Lords?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : one having power and authority over others: a : a ruler by hereditary right or preeminence to whom service and obedience are due. b : one of whom a fee or estate is held in feudal tenure.

What does it mean for Jesus to be King of Kings?

To be a king means to have power. To be King over all kings is to have ALL the power, omnipotent. There is no one more powerful now nor will there ever be any who is more powerful than Jesus. … Jesus is King not just for a time but for all of eternity. His kingdom will never come to an end.

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Who is God but the Lord?

For who is God besides the LORD? And who is the Rock except our God? It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect. He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights.

Who is Lord in Bible?

Jesus is Lord” (Greek: κύριος Ἰησοῦς, kyrios Iesous) is the shortest credal affirmation found in the New Testament, one of several slightly more elaborate variations. It serves as a statement of faith for the majority of Christians who regard Jesus as both fully man and God.

Are Lords Kings?

A king (or lord) ruled large areas of land. To protect his land from invasion, the king gave parts of it to local lords, who were called vassals.

Can a lord become king?

A lord possessed complete sovereignty over land, or acted in the service of another sovereign, usually a king.