What emotions does the speaker express in Psalm 137?

What is the tone of Psalm 137?

The tone of this strophe is passiveness and sadness. In the tricolic verse (v. 3), the Babylonian masters asked the Israelite captives to sing the sacred songs used to worship YHWH in the temple.

How does Psalm 137 relate to by the waters of Babylon?

The phrase “by the waters of Babylon” is an allusion to Psalm 137, in which the Israelites mourn their exile from Jerusalem and weep over their memory of their lost homeland. … Like the Israelites, he laments over what was lost and holds the hope his people can return to it.

What metaphor does the speaker use in verses 1/4 to describe his relationship with the Lord?

The Lord is referred to as “my Shepherd“, meaning that the speaker would be a lamb. This clarifies the understanding that the Lord provides for, protects, nourished, and otherwise cares for the lamb.

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What sort of life does Psalm 23 most clearly suggest that a person should lead explain why each choice seems correct or incorrect?

Students should recognize that Psalm 23 encourages a life of piety and righteousness in which a human being puts his or her faith in the Lord, and they should cite examples from the psalm to support this point. Psalm 23 explains the relationship between God and human beings.

What is the meaning of Psalms 137 9?

This plaintive Psalm recalls the Babylonian exile and the mournful refrains, not of the people Israel, but of the psalmist themselves, who in their misery and their distance from Jerusalem could no longer make music. All they could think of was return, and, surprisingly, revenge.

How does Psalm 137 relate to the Discoveries John makes about the great burning and the gods?

The devastation of Jerusalem, as told in Psalm 137, relates to John’s discoveries about the Great Burning in that the Great Burning is being compared to the destruction and spiritual devastation occurring at Jerusalem in order to paint a similar image of the destruction that fell upon “newyork,” where not all things …

What is the theme or message of By the Waters of Babylon?

The main theme of ”By the Waters of Babylon” is that knowledge can be attained too fast. The narrator and his father discuss this idea as the older man warns about revealing everything he has seen in the Place of the Gods.

What is the metaphor in Psalm 23?

“My cup runneth over,” is a metaphor emphasizing a sense of abundance. In Psalm 23, the speaker tells us the God has “preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies… my cup runneth over.” This metaphor emphasizes the fact that God provides the speaker with everything he needs to live a fulfilling life.

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How does the speaker feel in Psalm 23 verse 4?

Line 4. In the fourth verse the psalmist discusses faith in terms of trust—which is perhaps the purest expression of faith. … In this verse, the valley is one of death and evil, but because the speaker has utter trust in God as shepherd, he or she is free from fear.

What is the meaning of the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want?

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. The speaker says that the Lord (God) is like a shepherd to him. … Instead, he means that with God as his protector, he won’t lack anything he needs. The word “want” means “lack.” The speaker’s complete confidence in God is apparent early on.