What injuries did Johnny sustain at the church?

What injuries does Johnny sustain from the events at the church?

1. What injuries did Johnny sustain at the church? Johnny has a broken back (he can’t feel anything below his waist). He is suffering from shock and 3rd degree burns.

How did Johnny get hurt in the church?

Johnny, however, is in very bad shape—he was struck by a piece of burning timber as it fell, and may have broken his back. The man jokingly asks Ponyboy if he and Johnny are professional heroes.

What are Johnny’s injuries *?

Q. What are Johnny’s injuries? He has a broken neck and 3rd degree burns.

What condition is Johnny in after the fire Why would Johnny’s current physical condition make life even worse for him than someone else?

Johnny’s condition after the fire was very severe becaus ehe had a broken back, burn, and a severe shock. 2Being crippled would be worse for Johnny because Johnny doesn’t have anybody at home to help him when he is sick because he may not be capable of doing some things by himself.

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What happened to Johnny in the church fire?

When Ponyboy turns back to reenter the burning building to save Johnny, a massive beam falls from the crumbling ceiling and lands on Johnny’s back. Despite the fact that Dally is able to drag Johnny from the church and save his life, Johnny suffers a broken back and is in critical condition.

What happened in the church fire in the outsiders?

The church fire happens in chapter 5 when one of the cigarettes that Ponyboy and Johnny leave in the church catches fire. The problem is that children on a school trip have gone to explore the church and end up trapped inside the burning building.

What injuries did the greasers have?

I would presume a head wound and possible concussion. We are also told that his hand “was busted wide open.” Darry also received blows to the head, and he will likely have a black eye. He also has an open head wound. Ponyboy describes the aftermath of the rumble.

What were Ponyboys injuries from the fire?

He awoke in the ambulance, suffering from smoke inhalation and shock. Pony was later treated for “a few burns and a big bruise across my back,” and he fell asleep in the car ride home; Darry carried him inside.

Who is responsible for Johnny’s death in the outsiders?

Johnny respects Dally and will do whatever Dally tells him to do. After the rumble, Dally says he was wrong to not want Johnny to be like him. He says, “If he’d been like me he’d never have been in this mess.” By making this comment, it becomes clear that Dally feels responsible for Johnny being hurt.

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