What is the gospel side of a church?

What are the sides of a church called?

The nave is the main part of the church where the congregation (the people who come to worship) sit. The aisles are the sides of the church which may run along the side of the nave. The transept, if there is one, is an area which crosses the nave near the top of the church.

Why is the Gospel read facing north?

It could tell them whether you were male or female. I was told that the practice began because in Europe, as Christianity spread, most of the heathen lived to the north, so they began reading the gospel on the north side to remind the congregation of the need to preach the gospel to them.

How do you read the Anglican epistle?

Anglicans traditionally say “A reading from… [book], [chapter] and beginning at verse [number]” before the OT and Epistle lessons. After, the reader says, “The Word of the Lord” and the People respond, “Thanks be to God.”

What are the three parts of the church?

Churches Militant, Penitent, and Triumphant – Wikipedia.

What is the layout of a church?

The entryway to the church is the narthex; the church portals are located here. The nave, or center aisle is an elongated rectangle and pews are located to each side. During processions, ceremonies or masses, people walk up the nave to the altar. The crossing is where the transepts and nave intersect.

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Which side is the gospel side?

The Gospel side is the other side of the church, where the Gospel is read. Facing the altar from the nave, it is the left-hand side. In some places, especially if a comment is based on a romance language source, the Gospel side will be cited as the Evangelist side.

What is a reader in church called?

lector, also called Reader, in Christianity, a person chosen or set apart to read Holy Scripture in the church services.

Who can be a lector in the Catholic Church?

4 Becoming a Lector

Lectors must be confirmed Catholics. Most parishes require they be legal adults and members of the specific parish in which they intend to provide the service. Instruction, preparation and guidance will be provided to chosen applicants by the parish church.

Who reads the Gospel at a Catholic wedding?

The Liturgy of the Word is comprised of several readings recited by either the priest or friends or family members designated by the couple. It begins with a reading of a passage from the Old Testament. Often, couples choose a reading from the book of Genesis, which contains the story of the creation of Adam and Eve.