What percentage of people own a Bible?

How many people buy the Bible a year?

20 million. That’s the number of Bibles that are sold each year in the United States.

How many people have a Bible in America?

Approximately half of American adults reach for the Bible at least occasionally. Over 181 million Americans opened a Bible in the past year, an increase of 7 percent over last year, according to the report. The proportion of Americans who never use the Bible has fallen to 29 percent — its lowest point since 2016.

What percentage of the world has a Bible in their language?

It seems reassuring that 97 percent of the world has some or all of the Bible. Many of us may even feel that all we need to do is finish the full Bible in the languages that already have part of the Bible and then start a few more to reach the whole world.

How many Bible are sold?

The Guinness Book of World Records estimates that more than 5 billion copies of the Bible have been printed. Other religious texts are also high on the list: the Quran with 800 million copies, the Book of Mormon with 120 million.

How many Bibles are there in the average American home?

The survey showed the Bible is still firmly rooted in American soil: 88 percent of respondents said they own a Bible, 80 percent think the Bible is sacred, 61 percent wish they read the Bible more, and the average household has 4.4 Bibles.

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How many people have a Bible in their house?

In fact, 88 percent of Americans have a copy of the Bible in their homes, according to a 2015 report from the Barna Group. Most homes have more than one copy, and nearly a quarter of people have more than five.

Who has translated the Bible into the most languages?

But to your surprise, the most translated website in the world is related to religion. It is Jehovah’s Witnesses and it translated into a whopping 1020 different languages and dialects. It is a very demanding responsibility on the part of jw.org as most of the content on it is from holy scriptures.