What religion replaced Christianity when the Ottomans took control?

What religion did the Ottoman Empire spread?

Islam had been established in Anatolia before the emergence of the empire, but between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries the religion spread with Ottoman conquest to the Balkan Peninsula and central Hungary.

Which religion ran or controlled the Ottoman Empire?

The Ottoman state based its authority on religion. The first warrior-sultans expanded the empire in the name of Islam. Sultans claimed the title of caliph, or successor to the Islamic Prophet Muhammad. Alongside the sultans, religious scholars, called ulama, played a significant role in running the state.

What did the Ottomans do to other religions?

The Ottomans were forced to guarantee vague “rights” to religious minorities, which in fact limited their freedoms. Instead of being allowed to rule themselves according to their own rules, all religious groups were forced to follow the same set of secular laws.

What role did religion play in the Ottoman Empire?

Religion played an important role in the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans themselves were Muslims, however they did not force the peoples they conquered to convert. They allowed for Christians and Jews to worship without persecution.

How did the Ottomans use religion to legitimize their rule?

* Ottoman rulers used a variety of methods to legitimize and consolidate their poer. – The sultan (emperor) used vizier and bureaucracy to run the state. * Ottoman rulers promoted Sunni Islam patronized the construction of monumental architecture in order to legitimize their political power.

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