What the Bible says about the hungry?

What does Jesus say about a hungry person?

Pray for the hungry.

We pray for You to give the hungry daily bread today (Matthew 6:11) and end their persistent hunger. Provide the food they need to grow and thrive.

What is hunger in the Bible?

God speaks a lot about hunger in the Bible. Physical hunger will always be with us and it’s clear that God wants us to take care of those who suffer. Spiritual hunger is also common. Some people even try to address their spiritual hunger by doing good things — like feeding the hungry.

Where in the Bible does it talk about being hungry for God?

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. –Matthew 5:6 NIV Full Chapter.

What is the meaning of Matthew 25 35?

Matthew 25:35-36, 40 (NIV) God wants our lives to overflow with mercy, love, and compassion — the marks of His kingdom. As followers of Jesus, we have a choice: respond to unsettling realities in fear and withdraw, or follow Him in responding to the greatest needs of our day with love and hope.

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Why is feeding the hungry important?

According to WFP, “Not only do the consequences of not enough – or the wrong – food cause suffering and poor health, they also slow progress in many other areas of development like education and employment.” Poor and inadequate nutrition also leaves children vulnerable to diseases and illness, and can cause stunted …

What does the Bible say about world hunger?

Isaiah 58:10 (NIV)

“And if you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday.”

What do you know about hunger?

The 2021 report reported a sharp jump in hunger caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many thousands of organizations are engaged in the field of hunger relief, operating at local, national, regional, or international levels.

What does it mean to be hungry and thirsty for God?

Hunger and thirst represent the desperate longing of the previous Beatitudes (the poor in spirit, the mournful and the meek in Matthew 5:3-5). “It means if you thirst after righteousness, you want to live a godly life,” says Morgan, 10. “It also means you would act like God would want you to live.”

What is spiritual thirst?

In the same way, when we are filled with the Holy Spirit, life flows out from us. The more we live life seeking to be filled by the Holy Spirit, the more we will long for God and further revelation of God’s character. This is known as a ‘thirst’.

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