Where is the sanctuary in a Catholic church?

What are the parts of a Catholic church?

Catholic churches

  • the altar – a table where the bread and wine are blessed during the Eucharist.
  • the lectern – a stand where the Bible is read from.
  • the pulpit – where the priest delivers sermons.
  • a crucifix – a cross with Jesus on.

What do you call a Catholic sanctuary?

1,002 answers. In the Catholic Church, as well as in other Western forms of Christianity, the sanctuary refers to the area immediately around the altar. It is considered to be a place of the utmost divinity where the physical presence of God can be felt.

What is the difference between altar and sanctuary?

As nouns the difference between altar and sanctuary

is that altar is a table or similar flat-topped structure used for religious rites while sanctuary is a place of safety, refuge or protection.

What are the 5 parts of the Catholic Mass?

The Ordinary consists of five parts: Kyrie (Lord have mercy upon us….), Gloria (Glory be to thee….), Credo (I believe in God the Father….), Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy….) and Agnus Dei (O Lamb of God…).

What is sanctuary candles?

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