Which Bible is written in simple English?

Which Bible is simplest English?

The Simple English Bible is also marketed as the Plain English Bible, the International English Bible, and the God Chasers Extreme New Testament.

Is there a Bible in normal English?

The Bible In Basic English (also known as BBE) is a translation of the Bible into Basic English. The BBE was translated by Professor S. H. Hooke using the standard 850 Basic English words. 100 words that were helpful to understand poetry were added along with 50 “Bible” words for a total of 1,000 words.

Which is the best Bible version in English?

The New Revised Standard Version is the version most commonly preferred by biblical scholars. In the United States, 55% of survey respondents who read the Bible reported using the King James Version in 2014, followed by 19% for the New International Version, with other versions used by fewer than 10%.

What version of the Bible is good for beginners?

When it comes to the best Bible version for beginners, the New Living Translation (NLT) is one of the easiest translations of the bible to understand and read.

What Bible is in plain English?

The King James Version

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The Authorized King James Version (KJV) is very popular. Many parts of it are literal (word-for-word) translations of the original Greek and Hebrew. The KJV Bible was produced from 1604 to 1611, as a revision of the Bishops Bible. Since 1600, many English words have changed.

Where should I start reading my Bible?

I think starting in the Gospel of John for anyone who hasn’t read the Bible before is a great place the start. Probably the best place. Next, I would encourage you to read through the rest of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke). That’s where I would start if I were you.

Is there a Bible in layman’s terms?

The Layman’s Parallel Bible: KJV, NIV, Living Bible, NRSV Hardcover – October 1, 1990. “Each two-page spread contains a complete Scripture portion from these versions: KJV, NIV, Living Bible, and NRSV. Clear, easy-to-read print.”

Which Bible translation is closest to the original?

The English Bible Translation is known as the most accurate Bible version due to large number of excellent translations.

What Bible translation should I avoid?

(Dis)Honorable Mention: Two translations that most Christians know to avoid but should still be mentioned are the New World Translation (NWT), which was commissioned by the Jehovah’s Witness cult and the Reader’s Digest Bible, which cuts out about 55% of the Old Testament and another 25% of the New Testament (including …