Which direction should I face when praying?

Which direction should we face while praying?

Ensure that your idols never face each other

Regardless of which direction your pooja room is in, the god face direction should be towards the north-east. While praying, it is considered auspicious to face the north-east, north or east— – so place your idols accordingly.

Can we keep God in north west corner?

In the pooja room, Gods are to be seated at East facing, and we should sit and worship God by seeing the Westside. … Pooja room can be planned at Vayavya (Northwest) corner, with some vastu terms. 7. At any cost, the pooja room should not be placed outside of the house.

Which God photo can be kept in bedroom?

Vastu suggests that Radha Krishna’s idols and paintings create an aura of love and peace. Paintings and figurines of Radha Krishna can be kept in the main hall, in the bedrooms or in some rooms of the house.

Can we face east while praying?

– Mandir or altar is the king of all Vastu rules — place it in the North-East and everything will start falling in place. Also, face the East while praying. – Kitchen is the symbol of prosperity and should be ideally placed in the southeast. Kitchen in the North or North-East may bring financial and health problems.

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Which god idols should be kept at home?

The idols should be kept in the east and the west of the pooja ghar. It should not be towards north and south. As while worshipping one should face either east or west. Photographs of God and Goddess should not be hung on the north or south wall.

Is south east direction good for pooja room?

According to Vastu Shastra, the North East zone or the Eeshan (Ishan) corner of a house is the best suited area for placing the Puja room. … Never locate the Puja room in the south and the south-east, as these directions are ruled by Yama and Agni, respectively.

What should be kept in north West corner?

While the west or north-west directions are the most suitable for keeping metal items in the house, the north-west direction can bear benefits for the family if things made of metal are kept in this direction. Keeping the metal items in the north-west direction benefits the people of the father’s side.

Can we keep Temple in northwest?

1. The best location for the mandir in the house is the north-east. If that doesn’t work for you, the north and the east corners will do too. West is permissible too, if nothing else works.

Is north West direction good?

North West facing door is not so bad. It can bring in health, wealth and prosperity if supported by other vastu rules. … Numbers of doors and windows should be even in the house. Normally doors facing East, North, North East are said to be good doors.

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