Who is the female god of love?

Who is Greek god of love?

As a true son of the Goddess of beauty, Eros was the god of love, lust and sexual activity. According to all the Greek myths, Eros was beautiful, but also a constant source of trouble for both gods and mortals. Brother of Love was Anteros and his close associates were named Desire and Himeros.

Which goddess is most powerful?

Durga is one of the most powerful goddesses of Hindus. Hindu scriptures say that Durga came to kill the asuras, that is, the demons. Male gods had failed to control asuras and she was created. She has the powers of all the male gods combined.

Who is stronger Aphrodite or Athena?

Similarities between these two godesses

Athena and Aphrodite were goddesses of warfare. Athena was stronger than what the other goddesses usually were. She also had the ability to fly at a fast speed.

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