Who was the foster brother of Prophet Muhammad?

Who was the foster mother of Holy Prophet?

Thuwaybah (also Sobia) was a Female Ṣaḥābah and the first foster-mother of the Islamic prophet Muḥammad. Her name means “Deserving of God’s reward”. She is also known as Thuwaybah al-Islamiah.

Who is the second mother of Prophet Muhammad?

She was an Abyssinian slave of Muhammad’s parents, Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib and Aminah bint Wahb.

Umm Ayman.

Barakah bint Tha’alaba
Other names Umm Ayman
Spouse(s) Ubayd ibn Zayd (died around 612) Zayd ibn Harithah ( m. around 614 – till his death in 629)

Who is Hazrat Suwaiba?

Hazrat Suaiba Aslamiyyah (RA) (mispronounced as Sobia) the maid servant of his uncle Abu Lahab, who was the first one to have the honor of feeding the Prophet (PBUH). The Prophet liked her so much and was grateful to her and her children till she died in the seventh year A.H (after Hijra).

What is meant by foster mother?

foster mother (noun phrase) woman that feeds or brings up another’s child.

Who is Ayman in Islam?

It is derived from the Arabic Semitic root (ي م ن) for right, and literally means righteous, he who is on the right, right-handed, blessed or lucky. An early bearer of the name was Ayman ibn Ubayd, an early Muslim and companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. … In Turkey, the name is spelled as Eymen.

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