Why does the poet pray for strength?

What does the poet want the strength for?

Question 2: What does the poet want the strength for? Answer: The poet wants strength to bear all the joys and sorrows of life, to provide the hand of help to the needy, to stand firm before the insolent people, to be free from the daily trifles and to submit his whole being to the will of God.

Why does the poet pray for?

The poet prays to the Almighty for a ‘heaven of freedom’ for his country where people would be fearless, knowledgeable, truthful, dignified, hard-working, logical and broadminded. The poet appeals to the Almighty for political freedom from British.

What does the poet pray for in this stanza?

In this poem, the poet prays to God. … How does the poet want to bear his joys and sorrows? Ans. He wants to bear his joys and sorrows lightly.

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What does the word penury in the poem prayer for strength mean?

Answer: He asks for strength to raise his mind far above daily trifles and finally asks for the strength to surrender himself completely to God’s will with love. Words-Meanings: penury: extreme poverty.

How does the poet get his strength?

Answer: Answer: In this poem the poet prays to the Almighty to give him strength so that he can work for the welfare of others and for his own spiritual improvement. In the very first stanza Tagore has prayed to God to strike at and remove spiritual penury or poverty from his heart.

What does the poet want *?

The poet wants to reduce pain and sorrow in the lives of human beings and animals. She wants to help the weak and the unhappy.

Why does the poet pray for the donkey?

Why? Ans; – The poet prayed to the world that it might be good and kind towards the little, weak and too small donkey. We should also be good and kind with all other animals in the world as well. The poet prayed for the little donkey because the donkey.

What does the poet pray for donkey?

The little donkey looked so small and weak that the poet prays that the world would be kind to him.

Who does the poet pray to in this poem *?

The poet is trying to preach to the holy almighty here. The poet is praying to the almighty god in this poem.

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Why does the poet prayer for strength?

Answer: The poem is in a form of a prayer and the poet is asking the Lord to provide him with strength so that he can overcome all the hurdles in life. … He is asking his God to provide him strength so that he can lightly bear the joys and sorrows of life and not get carried away with it.

What is the poet’s prayer at the end of Gitanjali 63?

He prays God to give him the divine wisdom so that the fear of alien is removed and every door is open for him. He prays that he may never loose the bliss of God which makes a man aware of His omnipresence and oneness in different shapes and forms.

What is the message of the poem prayer of the words?

In the poem ‘The Prayer of the Woods’ a tree speaks to the travellers who are starting their journey through the forest. It tells them how useful the trees are to the human beings. They are used by human beings at home and at work. They are useful in heat and cold.