You asked: What does triumph mean in the Bible?

What does the name triumph mean?

The word comes from the Latin triumphus which is an “achievement, success, procession for a victorious general or admiral.” The jury’s still out on whether it comes from the Greek thriambos, as a “hymn to Dionysus,” but it’s fun to imagine that a triumph is a song to the Greek god of party animals.

What does sense of triumph mean?

uncountable noun. Triumph is a feeling of great satisfaction and pride resulting from a success or victory. Her sense of triumph was short-lived. Synonyms: joy, pride, happiness, rejoicing More Synonyms of triumph.

What does it mean to triumph over something?

triumph over (one)

To defeat or be victorious over someone or something. Though considered an underdog since the beginning of the season, the young team triumphed over all and claimed the championship for themselves.

Who is a triumphant person?

Someone who is triumphant has gained a victory or succeeded in something and feels very happy about it. Duncan and his triumphant soldiers celebrate their military victory.

What does triumph mean in Bible?

the act, fact, or condition of being victorious or triumphant; victory; conquest.

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Is triumph a name?

Triumph – Boy’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

What is an example of triumph?

Frequency: The definition of a triumph is a victory or success. … An example of triumph is someone winning a contest.

Is triumph an emotion?

Little research has previously been conducted on triumph as an emotion and new research suggests that triumph may be an emotion after all. A previous study conducted on the athletes in the 2008 Olympic Games suggested expressions of pride and shame are universal and apparent in all humans.

How do you use triumph in a sentence?

Triumph sentence example

  1. Our spectacular triumph was the return of an infant from a small Texas hospital. …
  2. Her performance in the debate competition was an unmitigated triumph . …
  3. A glint of triumph lit her gaze, and she added with arrogance, “But you can never command me.” …
  4. It was her moment of triumph .

What is the meaning of triumph over fear?

Nelson Mandela once said: “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” … Being courageous means we are fearful but you choose to face our fears and take a step forward.

What is the synonym for triumph?

defeat, beat, conquer, trounce, vanquish, best, worst, overcome, overpower, overwhelm, get the better of, gain ascendancy over, gain mastery of.

What does good triumphs over evil mean?

We want to believe in something beyond ourselves, something good. Evil wants us to think we’re alone. But when good people band together to fight for what’s right, they will triumph … and sometimes even villains can find redemption. Such a message restores balance to our universe.

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