You asked: What is the speaker’s attitude to the church that he has entered?

How does Larkin show his disrespect to church?

He shows disrespect for the church when he mounts the pulpit and proceeds to mock church ceremony. On the other hand, why donate to the church if you don’t believe in God? Even if what he donates has no value, the mere fact that he donated something could mean that he has, at least, a small amount of fear of God.

Why does the poet step into the church in the poem Church Going?

The speaker of the poem sneaks into a church after making sure it’s empty. He lets the door thud shut behind him and glances around at all the fancy decorations, showing his ignorance of (or indifference to) how sacred all this stuff is supposed to be.

Who is the speaker of the poem Church Going?

The speaker in this poem is a guy who doesn’t know all that much about churches and religion or any of that kind of stuff. You can tell this from the way he clumsily enters the church doesn’t really seem to respect its sacredness of the church. He sees its holy objects inside as “some brass and stuff” (5).

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What is the significance of the title Church Going?

“Church Going” seems like a very simple and straightforward title, just as the poem itself seems to be simple and straightforward. On the most literal level, it refers to the way that regular “church goers” attend mass every week.

How does Larkin reflect on the wider meanings of church going?

Larkin shows the meaning of Christianity and its place in society by contrasting its physical and spiritual aspects. … Larkin relies on assonance to depict a vivid image of the church’s interior. The words “door thud shut,” “sprawling of flowers,” “small neat organ,” and “tense, musty,” each reflect the meaning.

What is the role of religion according to Philip Larkin in the poem Church Going?

The role of religion then, for Larkin, is to gratify a natural desire for seriousness, though he believes modern religion fails to do so. Despite his dislike of the church, the speaker doesn’t turn to atheism.

What is church going by Philip Larkin about?

‘Church Going’ by Philip Larkin describes the emotions experienced by a speaker who is inexplicably drawn to the exploration of churches. The poem begins with the speaker entering into a building the reader later discovers is a church.

Why does Larkin wonder about the Church Going people?

The central idea of “Church Going” by Philip Larkin is that while religion is now no more than an antiquated superstition, there will always be a need for some people to search for answers in religion to justify their existence.

How much Larkin donates at the entrance of the church in the poem Church Going?

After that he comes back to the door and signs the visitor’s book and donates an Irish six pence which has no value in England . Thus all his activities and manners inside the church show that he is a sceptic who has no faith in the church service.

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