You asked: Why did Catholic Church ban backgammon?

Do they play backgammon in Egypt?

The history of backgammon goes back approximately 5000 years, and interesting enough, a version of backgammon was first played in ancient Egypt. … The full name of the game in Egyptian means the “game of passing.” Ancient Iran, however, is popularly believed to be the land where backgammon was first played.

What is a backgammon vs a gammon?

A gammon occurs when a game is over and the losing player still hasn’t borne off (i.e. removed from the board) any of their chips. A backgammon occurs when the losing player hasn’t borne off any chips and also has chips remaining in the winning player’s home (inner) quadrant or on the bar.

Where is backgammon popular today?

Even today, it’s common to see Armenians play it and they have 2 different types of rules for playing. As we mentioned earlier, the eastern Roman Empire and Byzantine Empire later adopted this game as well, calling it Tables. It was also played in Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, and in Greece.

Why is it called gammon?

The word ‘gammon’ is derived from the Middle English word for ‘ham’, gambon, which is attested since the early 15th century and derived from Old North French gambon, itself derived from Old French jambon, which is identical to the modern French word for ‘ham’.

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