Your question: Why is the opening prayer called the collect?

What does the collect mean in the Book of Common Prayer?

A collect is simply a prayer meant to gather the intentions of the people and the focus of worship into a succinct prayer. All of the collects more or less fit a pattern that was developed and some would say perfected by Archbishop Cranmer in the first Book of Common Prayer (1549).

What does the collect of the day mean?

: a collect appropriate for a particular day of the church year.

What is the collect in the Anglican Church?

The collect is a prayer composed according to a particular structure. It is framed according to a basic plan, though in some collects the plan is imperfectly worked out: Invocation. This is associated with an understanding of some quality of God upon which the prayer is built.

How do you pronounce collect prayer?

In our Lenten booklet, the word COLLECT (pronounced /kol′•ekt, with the accent on the first syllable) refers to a specific short prayer from the beginning of the Catholic Mass. This pray uses a particular structure within a Christian liturgy.

Why is the opening prayer called the collect?

The Latin word collēcta meant the gathering of the people together (from colligō, “to gather”) and may have been applied to this prayer as said before the procession to the church in which Mass was celebrated.

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What is the collect in a Mass?

The “collect” is a prayer that concludes the opening rites of the Mass. The collect invites people to pray in silence for a moment, and then offers a prayer to God that is drawn from the readings or feast of the day, or the purpose for which the Mass is being offered.

What is the collect in a funeral service?

Prayers are said and usually include ‘the collect’, a general prayer that is a statement of belief read by the congregation.

What are the parts of a Mass?

The Mass is composed of two parts, the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.