Best answer: How do you text money to a church?

How do you text a donation?


Every announcement of a campaign for text donations comes with a keyword to text and a short code number to send it to. For example, you might be asked to text the word “CHARITY” to the number 491062. The steps then would be to: Hit “Send” and you’ve triggered a donation.

How do you tithe through text?

Text-to-Tithe Tips for Successful Implementation

  1. Promote text-to-tithe in multiple ways (especially at first). …
  2. Clearly explain the giving process for new users. …
  3. Communicate how tithes are being used. …
  4. Choose easy and memorable keywords. …
  5. Encourage churchgoers to set up recurring gifts.

How do I set up text to give a church?

First-Time Setup For Users

  1. Users text “GIVE” to your church’s unique toll-free giving number.
  2. First-time givers will receive a link in a text message to an online form where they can enter basic information, giving details, and payment info.
  3. The user will receive a confirmation text to their mobile phone number.

How do I donate to church online?

One of the most effective ways for churches to raise money online is through Christian crowdfunding. With this unique social fundraising method, congregations set up fundraising pages that supporters can give to directly.

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How does Tithely text-to-give work?

You simply pay $5 per month or if you’ve signed up for All Access, you pay no monthly fee. Your first 200 messages, each month, are included and each text message after that is only 2.9 cents per message, with no additional cost per email.

How do you use text in planning center?

Text AMOUNT to 84321 to give. During set up, the system will use the donor’s geographical location and phone number to suggest churches nearby who use Planning Center Giving and have the Text-to-Give add-on enabled.

How do I promote a text-to-give a campaign?

Promote your text giving campaign through channels that will reach your mobile supporters.

You can promote your campaign across several platforms:

  1. Social media.
  2. Promotional t-shirts.
  3. Newsletters.
  4. Flyers.
  5. Print or online advertisements.
  6. Your website.

What is the difference between text and donate to text?

It’s important to note that text-to-give is different than text-to-donate, and the two can be easily confused. Text-to-donate is also triggered by a text message, but it returns a link back to a mobile responsive landing page where someone can donate via credit or debit card.

What do churches use for online giving?

Churches use Anedot to help make receiving tithes and offerings online simple. Allow for one-time donations to multiple ministry funds or schedule recurring tithes. Provide convenient payment methods like Apple Pay, PayPal, Debit/Credit cards, and ACH.