Frequent question: Are Lifeway Christian Stores closing?

Is LifeWay Christian bookstore still in business?

LifeWay Christian Store, the retail arm of the Southern Baptist Convention’s publishing company, plans to close all 172 of its outlets by the end of 2019. LifeWay is more than a bookseller. …

What happened to LifeWay Christian Store?

LifeWay Christian Stores, a chain operated by the Southern Baptist Convention, announced this spring it is closing all 170 brick-and-mortar stores. Family Christian Stores, another major chain, said in 2017 that it would close its 240 stores and lay off 3,000 people.

Is LifeWay a non-profit?

LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention operates as a non-profit organization. The Organization offers products and services, including Bibles, Bible studies, research, church music and supplies, and digital services.

Are all the Lifeway stores closing?

Lifeway is closing all of its 170 brick-and-mortar stores by the end of this year, the company announced Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Lifeway Christian Resources announced today it will close all 170 of its stores this year.

Why are bookstores closing?

Two major factors have contributed to the 9.6% decrease in sales at bookstores since 2007: the growing popularity of e-books, and Borders going out of business. Both have caused serious drops in the number of bookstore sales, though competition with online retailers like Amazon is another major factor.

Is LifeWay a public company?

Lifeway Foods, Inc.

Lifeway Foods.

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Type Public
Headquarters Morton Grove, Illinois , United States
Key people Julie Smolyansky (CEO) Michael Smolyansky (COO)
Products Kefir
Revenue US$137.2 million (2015)

Is LifeWay legit?

The web site is fairly well organized but sometimes seems a little to crowded and busy to look at for my liking. They just have a lot of products and information on their site which does make it helpful when making a selection.