Frequent question: How does the story of David and Goliath point to Jesus?

What does Goliath represent?

The Philistines had selected one man, “a champion out of the camp” (v4) named Goliath to represent the entire Philistine army. Goliath was a giant compared to any of the Israelite soldiers.

What can we learn from David?

David is chosen to be king because he has what Saul does not: a heart for God. … David’s heart for God prepares him to be used by God. Our impressive resumes aren’t what make us useful in God’s kingdom. The first lesson we learn from David’s life is the importance of cultivating a heart for God above all else.

What is the moral lesson of Noah’s ark?

Noah set himself apart by being faithful to God and not giving into sins. The task of building an ark that could house the wide variety of animals Noah had to save was not going to be easy. God needed someone who was faithful enough to get through the hard times when things weren’t necessarily clear.

What does Goliath represent spiritually?

The spirit of Goliath represents big enemies and giant problems. If you are currently battling with a situation or an entity that is threatening your peace, harassing you and intimidating you, you are facing a Goliath. If there is a situation or entity that is seeking to enslave you, you are facing a Goliath.

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What does 5 represent in the Bible?

Number 5 is usually considered to be a symbol of goodness and grace of God. The 5th book of the Bible, called Deuteronomy, is dedicated to the God’s grace. We have also to mention that there are phrases in the Bible that are repeating 5 times and they are talking about the grace of God.

What made David a good leader?

David was qualified to be a leader because he had developed an intimate relationship with God. According to 1 Samuel 16:7, the other sons of Jesse were from outward appearances quite acceptable for leadership. However, this was the error that the nation had made in selecting Saul for their king.

What can we learn from David as a shepherd boy?

The Shepherd boy overcame his fear of the giant by his testimony of his victories. Today, you might be very afraid of something but if only you can play the commercials of your life. Your winnings, victories, experiences and challenges you have conquered in the past are your present treasure.