Is Tasha Cobbs still at Relentless church?

Is Anna Golden still at Relentless Church?

Anna is a 24-year-old worship pastor at Relentless Church in Greenville, South Carolina. … In addition to her role in ministry, Anna has several solo projects as a Singer/Songwriter.

Where is John Gray Relentless Church?

The new campus will be at 4665 Macland Road in Powder Springs, Georgia. Relentless Church will open a new campus in Atlanta, Georgia. Rev. John Gray said in December 2019 that he was planning on starting a new church in Atlanta.

Is John Gray still pastor at Relentless Church?

John Gray, was previously an associate pastor under Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas and as of 2020, he still preaches there regularly. … He renamed the church Relentless Church shortly after assuming the head pastor role, while Carpenter carried on Redemption in San Jose, California.

Is John Gray still married?

The Relentless church leader took to Instagram to show love to his wife Aventer Gray. … Pastor Gray took to Instagram on Friday to “honor” his wife, Aventer Gray, and says despite the fact that he has emotionally cheated, he has never slept with another woman.

Where was pastor John Gray born?

Is Tasha Cobbs still with Relentless Church?

Tasha Cobbs Leonard will join Pastor John Gray and current praise and worship leader, Todd Galberth at Relentless Church in Greenville, SC. Officially announced last week, she will serve as praise and worship leader at the former Redemption Church, previously led by Apostle Ron Carpenter.

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How much is Tasha Cobb worth?

Tasha Cobbs Net Worth

Cobbs-Leonard has an estimated net worth of $1 MILLION as of 2021. She has acquired most of her wealth through her successful career as a gospel musician and songwriter.

Has Kenneth Leonard been married before?