Which church is biggest in Nigeria?

Which church is the best in Nigeria?

List of churches in Nigeria

Church name Founder Current senior pastor/general overseer
Redeemed Christian Church of God Rev Josiah Akindayomi Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Living Faith Church Worldwide David Oyedepo David Oyedepo
Christ Apostolic Church Joseph Ayo Babalola Pastor S.O. Ogundare
Church of Nigeria Henry Townsend Nicholas Okoh

Which church is the biggest church?

St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, the largest church in the world.

Which Temple is the biggest in Nigeria?

The National Temple is the worship Centre at the convention ground of The Apostolic Church Nigeria located in Olorunda-Ketu, Lagos State. It has 100,000 capacity seats.

National Temple
Coordinates 6°35′19″N 3°23′20″E
Built 32 years
Inaugurated 4 December 2011
Construction cost ₦undisclosed

What is the name of the biggest church in the world?

Peter’s Basilica, Vatican. The largest church in the world is the center of Catholicism St. Peter’s Cathedral, which has an area of ​​20,193 square meters.

What is the largest church in the US?

This is a list of the largest megachurches in the United States with an attendance of more than 2,000 weekly.

Full list.

Church Broadmoor Baptist Church
City Madison
Av. weekly attendance 3,000
Denomination Southern Baptist Convention
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