Your question: How did Elizabeth get pregnant in the Bible?

Why did Elizabeth hide her pregnancy?

Some have proposed that Elizabeth’s hiding serves to keep her pregnancy secret until the time of the angel’s annunciation to Mary. … As a postmenopausal woman, however, she did not have the telltale pregnancy marker of a missed menstrual period. Thus, she hid herself before she had any physical evidence of pregnancy.

How did Elizabeth know to name John?

The Trust and Obedience of Elizabeth

Not only did Elizabeth know that her son’s name should be John, but as well, she had the courage to speak it to her neighbors and kinsfolk at her son’s circumcision. … She trusted the Lord in his will for her son, and in naming him John, she fully gave him to the Lord.

Were Mary and Elizabeth pregnant at the same time?

Biblical narrative

Mary visits her relative Elizabeth; they are both pregnant: Mary with Jesus, and Elizabeth with John the Baptist. … Elizabeth was in the sixth month before Mary came (Luke 1:36). Mary stayed three months, and most scholars hold she stayed for the birth of John.

What was the relationship between Mary and Elizabeth in the Bible?

Close family ties were well established before his birth, as evidenced in St. Luke’s biblical account of the travel of the Virgin Mary to Jordan to visit Elizabeth, her “cousin.” Elizabeth was actually Mary’s aunt, sister of Anna, Mary’s mother.

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How did Mary get pregnant Bible verse?

The virgin birth of Jesus is the Christian doctrine that Jesus was conceived by his mother, Mary, through the power of the Holy Spirit and without sexual intercourse.