How many Catholics are Arab?

How many Christians are Arab?

8,000–40,000. Arab Christians are people who speak Arabic or of Arabic-speaking origin and have the religion of Christianity. Most Christian Arabs live in the Middle East, where Islam is the biggest religion.

Are there Christians in Saudi Arabia?

Most Christians in Saudi Arabia are migrants. There are a few Muslim-born Christians, and conversion from Islam is punishable by death. Church buildings are forbidden and so Christians meet in house churches, which are frequently raided. Christians may be arrested, imprisoned, tortured and deported for their faith.

Is Romania a Catholic country?

Romania is a very religious country. Christianity is the largest faith, with roughly 81.9% of the population identifying as Romanian Orthodox Christians, 6.4% identifying as Protestant Christians and 4.3% identifying as Roman Catholics in the 2011 census. … Romania does not have a state religion.

Is Christianity allowed in Dubai?

Christians are free to worship and wear religious clothing, if applicable. The country has Catholic, Eastern and Oriental Orthodox along with Protestant churches. Although Christian women can marry Muslim men freely, marriage between Muslim women and non-Muslim men is forbidden.

Are there Catholic churches in Saudi Arabia?

Catholicism in Saudi Arabia is officially barred from being practised, though Catholics are allowed into the country for temporary work. As a result, Catholics and other Christians generally only worship in secret within private homes. …

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