Is the New American Standard Bible good?

Is the New American Standard Bible an accurate translation?

The NASB is a revision of the American Standard Version. The Lockman Foundation claims that the NASB “has been widely embraced as a literal and accurate English translation because it consistently uses the formal equivalence translation philosophy.”

What is the difference between NIV and NASB Bible?

Seems to me that the NASB is a “word for word” translation and the NIV is a “thought for thought” translation. Actually, I’d recommend the NRSV. It’s readable, and very accurate. It’s a build-on of the ASV, which is the most literal English translation.

Is the New American Standard Bible a good Bible?

The NASB ’95 is an excellent translation that falls closer to the “word for word” side of the translation spectrum, a bit far from the “thought for thought” style of the Message Bible. I recommend different translations that fall all across the spectrum to get a better grasp of what the Scriptures are saying.

What is NIV and NASB?

The word-for-word literal method of the updated New American Standard Bible (NASB) lets you see what the original authors of the Bible wrote. The thought-for-thought approach of the New International Version (NIV) gives an accurate understanding of what they meant.

Who reads the NASB Bible?

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